The English Literature group has an outstanding record of hosting international academic conferences, attracting scholars from around the world, and reflecting the exciting diversity of our research. We make a point of including our students and the local community in our conferences, to encourage the creation and development of wider intellectual networks.

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“有些好奇不安”:波利多里,在拜伦式的吸血鬼,和它的后代。为二百周年座谈会 The Vampyre (6–7 April 2019)

约翰·波利多里出版了他的故事 The Vampyre 1819年是众所周知,他的吸血鬼涌现出了相同的故事大赛在1816年别墅diodati,催生了哥特式的遗产,科学怪人的其它原型。出席这次聚会是波里道利(谁是拜伦的医生),玛丽·戈德温, Frankenstein的作者;克莱尔·克莱尔蒙特,珀西雪莱,和(关键)拜伦。

本次研讨会将跟踪波利多里的吸血后代和他在文学和其他媒体“好奇不安”的遗产。它是一种回归敞开的坟墓的开端,思想开放的项目,它与2010年的吸血鬼非常成功的会议之后是编辑收集开始, 敞开的坟墓,开放的思想:吸血鬼的表示,并从启蒙到现在不死编辑。由萨姆·乔治和比尔·休斯(曼彻斯特:曼彻斯特大学出版社,2013年)和第一特刊 Gothic Studies 致力于吸血鬼(2013年5月)。

The Symposium is being held at the beautiful Keats House, Hampstead (where OGOM held a symposium for Bram Stoker’s centenary in 2012). Keats House is where the poet John Keats lived from 1818 to 1820, and is the setting that inspired some of Keats’s most memorable poetry. The event will include a tour of Keats House (who hold a first edition of The Vampyre),并前往海格特墓地,在海格特吸血鬼(20世纪70年代轰动的家庭),并在卡尔·马克思(谁取得了良好的使用吸血鬼比喻)和利兹siddal谎言。

Guest speakers have been invited to share their research into the many variations on monstrosity and deadly allure spawned by Polidori’s seminal textual reincarnation of Byronic glamour. The delegates have been selected for their expertise in the Byronic, the Gothic, and the vampiric. The speakers are: Sir Christopher Frayling, Prof. Catherine Spooner, Prof. William Hughes, Dr Stacey Abbott, Dr Sue Chaplin, Dr Xavier Aldana Reyes, Dr Sorcha Ní Fhlainn, Prof. Nick Groom, Prof. Gina Wisker, Dr Sam George, Dr Bill Hughes, Dr Ivan Phillips, writer Marcus Sedgwick, and OGOM ECRs and doctoral students Dr Kaja Franck, Daisy Butcher, and Dr Jillian Wingfield.

可以在中找到有关会议的全部细节 Open Graves, Open Minds website

Past conferences


这个令人兴奋的国际会议上,敞开的坟墓的一部分,开放的心态项目是对城市怪异的主题。本次活动包括主题演讲者 Professor Owen Davies and Dr Sam George 从手机网投平台,和DR卡尔钟(朴次茅斯大学)和DR米克尔koven(伍斯特大学)。会议还精选特别活动,如haxan市区怪异筛选:巫术千古(本杰明·克里斯滕森,1922)和一个神奇的城市光谱圣奥尔本斯之旅。 Dr Ceri Houlbrook (手机网投平台)领导的一个城市怪异民俗车间。此车间中使用的宽范围的材料 - 从考古学家到本地民谣和口述历史的笔。它跟踪的历史和博格特孔水闸,在今天,仍然“有潜伏那个奇怪的小精灵”的民间传说。

可以在中找到有关会议的全部细节 Open Graves, Open Minds website

公司狼群:在文学和文化叙事的社会性,兽性和主观性 - 狼人,变形者和野生人类(3-5 2015年9月)

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维多利亚和爱德华时代的生活和字母(10-11 2014年7月)

This two-day conference took place at the University of Hertfordshire and Knebworth House, home of the Victorian writer Edward Bulwer-Lytton. It brought together an international group of scholars working on life-writing, in its different manifestations, and the challenges posed by the study of Victorian and Edwardian figures from across the literary, theatrical, political and social scenes.

奥斯汀的位置(11-13 7月2013)

为了庆祝简·奥斯丁的出版二百周年 Pride and Prejudice, which is set in Hertfordshire, we hosted a three-day interdisciplinary conference to consider the ‘locations of Austen’. Jane Austen’s fiction is situated in a landscape both familiar and unknowable. It manages to evoke a strikingly detailed portrait of contemporary English geography and culture even while it remains, under closer scrutiny, fabricated. Participants at the conference considered how Austen’s work is located in its historical moment, and the implications of mapping Austen’s fictional settings onto real topographies of the English landscape.


代表在本次研讨会上,在汉普斯特德在济慈之家主办,伦敦,调查所有最有名的吸血鬼故事 - Dracula。他们询问其对跨学科研究的新发展关系,在十九世纪的吸血鬼原型绘制。 Dracula, of course, is the seminal vampire novel (though it has its antecedents); a gripping narrative that dramatises anxieties over sexuality, new technologies, foreignness, and modernity. Invited speakers will debate the evolution of Dracula from novel to theatre, film to comic book. The symposium boasts an innovative and exclusive programme of talks and discussions in the period setting of the house of Keats, who explored forbidden vampiric pleasures in his Lamia. Respects were paid to Stoker directly, with a trip to Golders Green Crematorium on the centenary of his death.



This inter-disciplinary conference explored science fiction in all its forms, both in popular culture and in the academy. Contributions from international scholars covered a diverse array of topics, ranging from classic exponents of the genre such as H.G. Wells, to more recent and lesser-known work in comics and graphic novels, science fiction film and television.

敞开的坟墓,开放的思想:吸血鬼和现代文化的亡灵(16-18 2010年4月)

This conference launched the enormously successful, and ongoing, Open Graves, Open Minds project, co-led by Dr Sam George, Senior Lecturer in Literature. The aim of the conference was to relate the undead in literature, art, and other media to questions concerning gender, technology, consumption, and social change. It provided an interdisciplinary forum for the development of innovative and creative research and examined the undead in all their various manifestations and cultural meanings.