Air quality monitoring

We have the capability to measure PM mass and number in outdoor and indoor locations.

Measuring particle mass

We have a number of different pieces for equipment designed to measure PM2.5,PM10 and further subdivided mass ranges. These include:

  • partisol instruments (2000-H and 2000-S) to measure PM2.5 或下午10 500 Internal Server Error

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  • staplex hivol instruments to measure PM10. These are high volume instruments that collect particles onto large rectangular filters which can be used for further analyses including GC-MS.
  • Personal Sioutas cascade impactors to measure size-segregated PM10. These small impactors can be worn on the body with an air pump that works at 9 l/min. PM10 is subdivided into 5 size fractions, each collected on different filters (25 mm and 37 mm). By weighing on our Sartorius analytical balance (precision 1 μg) before and after sampling it means that collected mass can be calculated.

Measuring particle number

We have instruments designed to measure total particle number concentration (PNC) and size-segregated PNC:

  • Lighthouse handheld size-segregated PNC instrument measures the number concentration of particles between 300 nm and 10 μm in up to 6 size fractions simultaneously.
  • Brechtel Mixing Condensation Particle Counter (MCPC) 1710 for the measurement of total PNC in the size range 5.5 nm – 10 μm. It features a fast response time of 180 ms and can measure concentrations up to 180,000 cm3.